Dark Souls 3


The latest entry is the Souls series features the trademark difficulty, intricate level design and thrilling boss fights that rank among the best in the entire franchise. Unfortunately, the core gameplay built on mystery and surprise has become quite familiar by now and with multiplayer is a step down from the previous installment, Souls veterans may experience some weariness and a feeling of déjà-played. A great entry nonetheless but franchise fatigue looms.

Recommended: For Dark Souls fans and first time players

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The Hitman game you always wanted.

A true return to form after the more linear Absolution, this new entry takes full advantage of the episodic release model to deliver the best Hitman experience to date. The first season includes six locations packed with challenges, opportunities, secrets and dark humor revealing Hitman as a macabre, tongue in cheek murder puzzle game.

Recommendation: Essential for players who loved Blood Money

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Umbrella Corps



A very enjoyable and surprisingly fast-paced tactical online game if you take it for what it is.
If you are looking for a new entry in the Resident Evil series, look elsewhere.
If you are interested in playing a TPS arcade version of Counter Strike mixed up with zombies, you will have a blast.

Recommended :  For players looking for a fast-paced and well polished TPS online action game with an original twist on zombies and Resident Evil

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Sometimes miracles happen.

Rebooted and stuck in a development hell for quite some time, the 2016 version of DOOM is a text book case of successfully preserving an old school gameplay while adapting the experience to modern expectations and sensibilities. Brutal, frantic and with and no-frills approach to narration, DOOM is simply one of the best FPS experience of the market and marks the return of a franchise to it days of glory. In addition, the new engine is remarkable tour de force achieving high fidelity visuals and 60 FPS even on consoles.

Recommended: Essential for FPS fans

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Fallout 4


A very enjoyable game if you take it for what it is: an action-adventure FPS taking place in the Fallout universe. The RPG aspect has been streamlined to the point of being almost anecdotal and the combat has been markedly improved. It is still regrettable that the only way to interact with this beautiful and well-crafted world is with a shotgun blast to the face.

Recommendation: For players who favor exploration and shooting over a rich RPG experience

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The Evil Within


The Evil Within feels like a compilation of Shinji Mikami Greatest Hits: the crazy villagers, the horrific mansion, the deserted city, the spectacular boss fights and the highly polished action and survival gameplay. Each sequence works on an individual level but the whole lacks a sense of coherence as well as the campy charm of previous Mikami productions. Despite these flaws, the game stands as one of the most impressive and brilliant entry in the survival action genre.

Recommendation : A must-buy for fans of survival horror and Mikami fans. The additional content offers a different gameplay experience and sheds some light on the narrative of the game

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Wolfenstein : The New Order


This dystopian take on Id’s software classic blends old and modern sensibilities in one FPS package. The New Order is about frantically dismembering Nazi soldiers with a dual-wield shotguns while collecting ammo and health pickups but it’s also about a game about loss, resistance and a war-weary veteran lost in a world he no longer understands trying to find a reason to keep on fighting. Strong men also cry.

Recommended: Essential for old-school FPS fans

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Alien: Isolation


A remarkable video game adaptation of Ridley Scott’s masterpiece with a faithful and world’s class art direction, nail-biting tension and a frighteningly creative and relentless Alien IA.

Continuous exposition to the Alien contributes to rob the creature from its fear factor but the game remains a towering achievement nonetheless.

Recommendation : Essential for Aliens and survival-horror fans

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Hotline Miami


If directors Quentin Tarantino and David Lynch had been making love while Takashii Miike was jerking off in the corner of the bedroom, this is what their baby would look like. Frantic, ultra violent and deeply disturbing.

Recommendation : For a mature audience only

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Dear Esther


The flesh is weary alas and I have clicked all my clicks.

In Dear Esther, you plod along wind-swept trail on a deserted island while someone reads some cryptic poetic prose to you. An avant-garde experience that helped popularizes the term ‘walking simulator” and emboldened the poets in the indie video game scene.

Recommended: For people who like narrative games that leave much to the imagination